3 early signs of Type 2 diabetes found in your hair you should never ignore

Hair loss is the inevitable part of growing older.

It occurs when hair reaches the final stage of the growth cycle and then begins to fall out.

New hair does typically grow from the same hair follicle but many factors can halt this.

This includes stress, changing hormones, or out of control blood sugar levels synonymous with Type 2 diabetes.

Unfortunately, having diabetes could mean not only thinner hair but also eventual hair loss.

In fact, early signs of Type 2 diabetes could be found in three different ways on your scalp.

Early signs of diabetes found in the hair may include:

Impaired hair growth
Hair growing more than normal
The stoppage of new hair from forming.

In a study published in the National Library of Medicine, hair follicle characteristics being an early marker for Type 2 diabetes was investigated.

The hair follicle, like many other organs, is susceptible to high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia) damage, noted the study.

It added: “This can be noted in the relation between hyperglycaemia and androgenetic alopecia, and the hair loss of diabetes Type 2 patients.”

The study found that having Type 2 diabetes can in fact affect the hair follicle but it “is not yet fully understood” why.

Type 2 diabetes early symptoms
Other early indications of the condition may include:

Increased thirst
Frequent urination
Nausea and vomiting
Shortness of breath
Stomach pain
Fruity breath odour
A very dry mouth
A rapid heartbeat.
Ways to boost hair regrowth
Biotin-rich foods are said to help boost hair regrowth.

Foods that are rich in biotin include:

Whole eggs
Liver and kidney
Nuts, including almonds, walnuts and peanuts
Sweet potato

Speak with your GP if you are suffering with early signs of Type 2 diabetes or simply concerned about recent hair loss.

Loss of hair on the head due to diabetes can be effectively managed by altering your medication, diet and lifestyle.

Experts state that by making the appropriate changes, hair loss may be reduced and even halted.

Talk with your doctor if you’re having any bothersome diabetes symptoms, including hair loss. Hair loss from your arms and legs is especially important to report because it could be a symptom of poor blood flow.

Once blood sugar management is improved, you should notice a reduction in hair loss. You’ll lose fewer hairs and regrow more of the ones you’ve lost.