Quality Street brings back discontinued chocolate but fans are upset with the choice

Quality Street have made some controversial decisions this year – after changing the packaging of the much-loved choccies and causing online uproar, despite the fact it’s actually more recyclable, they’ve gone and caused some more chaos among chocolate-lovers by bringing back an old flavour in certain stores – but it’s not the one people are begging for.

The Honeycomb Crunch has been reinstated in the Christmas favourite tubs being sold in John Lewis. However, this isn’t the flavour that Quality Street fanatics were begging for, as the Coffee Creme is the one on people’s minds. It was a decadent dark chocolate containing delightful coffee fondant, and it came in a brown wrapper.

Quality Street announced the return of the Honeycomb Crunch in a Facebook post where they wrote: “It’s that time again…..We’re BACK in John Lewis & Partners with a NEW tin and an exclusive sweet…the Honeycomb Crunch!”

Some were happy to see the return of the iconic treat, but others were left pining for the luxurious taste of the coffee chocolate they loved in the 90s.

In 2021, Nestle asked the public which retro chocolate they’d like to see make a comeback, and the Coffee Creme was overwhelmingly voted for.

In the comments, the reaction to the Honeycomb Crunch was mixed.

One fumed: “I’m not buying any until you bring back the coffee cream!”

“Bring back the coffee ones”, another wrote.

Someone else raged: “Can’t stand honeycomb crunch, it’s boring, bring back coffee creams.”

“Coffee creme”, one requested.

Another coffee lover commented: “Every year I type the same thing. Bring back the COFFEE FONDANT!”

The comment received many likes, proving that the coffee flavour chocolate is certainly one of the most popular.

Others were satisfied with the Honeycomb Crunch return, however, with some commenting heart eyes emojis to mark the comeback, just in time for Christmas.