Moony Air Fit for Newborn Infants 111sheets

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Moony Air Fit for Newborn Infants 111sheets Description

New Born to 5KG can use ,A new shape that adapts to the baby’s skin with a flexible ‘marumi fit shape’ or a round-round baby skeleton, cut about 50% tight to the skin! It fits gently without tight the baby’s skin. -[fit gather to stretch] to fit snugly in the back clearance, firmly guard the leakage from the back. -[supple stretch gather] to fit the size of the thigh of the baby, it fits gently. -[air silky] material that has been knitted fiber like silk, gently wraps the baby skin. In addition, it is safe to leak because it is absorbing power of up to 10 hours. -Notice the time of exchange of the diaper [announcement sign] at a glance. -[Cute Winnie the Pooh design] all 10 kinds. There are two types of designs in a bag. -[Navel cut] was born neighbor Cram is also relieved to navel ● Adaptive weight: new born ~ 5kg

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